Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Now that my husband and I are married, we have started talking about how much longer we are going to spend in this little beach condo that we like to call "Casa Del Playa."  Let me just say this, I love my home!  This was my very first home purchase when I was 22 years old.  Casa Del Playa has housed me through college, and been my refuge for so many years now.  I have ripped her apart and put her back together, and I'm just now seeing the possible end to her remodeling in the near future.   So I figure, we will spend the next 5 years or so living here.  Maybe less, maybe more, who's to say.  I would like to keep her as long as possible, maybe even forever.  Shell make a wonderful vacation home, guest house, rental........ there are options..... right?
Anyway, since the idea of moving out of Casa Del Playa has been a recent subject, I have started thinking.  What kind of a home do I see myself living in?  What kind of home would give me tons of creative freedom, and space to grow?  Then, just the other day while skimming some of my favorite blogs, I found this great post about a couple who renovated an old industrial building into their home.   Bells went off!  Ding Ding Ding!  Why didn't I think about this before?  For as long as I can remember I have dreamed about turning unconventional buildings into my home.   When I was a child and my parents used to drag me to church, I used to think about turning the chapel into my personal bedroom.  I would put my bed right up on the pedestal!  I ran the idea past my husband and bells went off for him too!  He told me that he used to fantasize about turning his old school into his own personal home.  Yeah!  Indoor pool!!
Here are some inspirational pictures of industrial spaces that ether have amazing potential or have already been transformed into magical living spaces.   Pay attention to all the wonderful architectural bones these buildings have.  Just amazing!

The building above is actually an industrial warehouse in the Sodo district of Seattle.  It has been lightly refurbished and can be rented out for weddings and events.  My husband and I considered this space for our wedding.  I love the rafters and old windows.


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