Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Liam's Birthday is right around the corner! Me being his favorite nanny in the whole world, thought I would look for some fun DIY projects to help get the creative juices flowing! What kind ideas do you guys have?

I am AALLLLL about bunting banners right now. I think I'm going to spend part of my weekend making a truckload of them! They are just so fun and cheery!

One thing Liam definitely has is a SWEET TOOTH! Candy tables are just so fun! I love the blue and white striped back splash!.... and of course the bunting banners! lol

Not sure where I found this idea, but I think its so awesome! I want to make a whole bunch of chocolate bowls just for myself! Looks like it wouldn't be too much work ether.

I found this little clip on one of my favorite blogs "My Sweet Savannah"
I'm pretty sure those are just Starbucks frapachino bottles up-cycled into cute old fashioned milk bottles. I also love that you have your choice of regular or chocolate milk.

"Little L" loves music! I remember having fun with these cute little warbling bird whistles when I was a kid.

Yeah, these were just too cute not to post!

These super cute pin wheels are an easy pdf file you can just print out on fancy paper. A few extra tools and supplies and you have some pretty darn cute pin wheels.
Okay readers! We need lots more ideas! So send them our way!

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