I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest just a few feet away from the rocky Puget Sound. This condo was my very first home purchase, and I've lived here next to the beach for the last 9 years with my silly cat Tula and recently my new handsome hubby Curtis! Curtis will contest that I rearrange and tear this little apartment up on a weekly basis, but hes a good sport and always helps me do it, and secretly deep down, he gets excited when he can see our vision starting to take light.

I own a local small business called The Little Road Said Go!  We sell hand made crafts and vintage items that we find here and there.  You can call us glorified dumpster divers but some of our best finds have come from dumpsters or alley ways or sometimes just even off the sidewalk.  We love to take vintage items that have been tossed aside and repurpouse them for other uses.  Instead of dumpster divers, I would say were more glorified recyclers!  We are currently looking to purchase a 1950's travel trailer that we intend to refurbish into a traveling store that will hopefully be frequenting all over the Seattle area.  For now you can find us at local craft fairs and on Etsy!

My husband and I also work every summer for one of our local Washington cattle farms. We sell delicious grass fed beef at the Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market along with several other Seattle markets every June through October. We love to eat local organic food and we love being an extended part of the family at Happy Mountain Farm.

Were just a small family, living in a small condo with two windows, and we love our lives and we love tearing our home apart and making it more beautiful!  We also love being part of our community and helping where and whenever we can!