Monday, January 7, 2013


Hi friends.

We are sad to say goodbye to blogger, but we are super excited to introduce our new website that encompasses all our internet offers and pages, including our blog.


please visit us at:

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On a side note:
We now offer Interior Design Packages, Wedding Design Packages and Boudoir Photography Packages!

So come by and check us out!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012



Join us at Persnickety's Awesomeness Emporium on Saturday for lots fun sales and refreshments.  Get a Holliday sneak peek at the Little Road's holiday crafts and finds, as well as many other designers and junkers.


Visit The Little Roads ETSY SHOP to get 10% off your entire order!
Just enter coupon code "Monday" when checking out.

Have fun shopping!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


This baby's breath is left over from a photo shoot my husband and I did last weekend.
I forgot how much I truly love Baby's Breath!  Its so cheery and summery, and it gives our little condo by the sea just a little push now that our sunny days are on lock down till next Summer.
What a cheep and easy way to brighten up the place!!

The vintage milk jar carrier I found on Craigslist.  The blue "Ball" jars I have picked up here and there and everywhere.  The baby's breath, I just got from Safeway for $2 a bundle!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


You may have read earlier in this post Inspiration For A Closet Office that I've been working at converting our small bedroom closet into an office/crafting space.
When you're a crafter, you tend to acquire about a million different tools, pom poms, lace, ribbons.  It's overwhelming how much stuff makes its way into your house.  I needed a space where I could organize all my crafting supplies so that they were just easy to grab and go, and also have a place to sit down and do some work!  I pulled several inspiration pics off of Pinterest which you can see in my Inspiration blog linked above, and well here is the outcome.  (I can't say its the final outcome, because there is still a few elements that I'm planning to add)
But anyway, here goes!
The desk is from Ikea but I was able to find it on Craigslist for half the price.  I also found these great curtains at Ikea that matched the wall color perfectly, so they are hanging on ether side of the desk. (Its hard to see in the picture but they are there.) Behind those curtains I build a shelving system out of the same knotty pine that you can see in the front.  It holds tons and tons of boxes and office supplies.  On the other side is where the hot water heater is hiding, as well as all my shipping supplies.  So So Handy!!  I'm still planning to put decorative molding around the entire opening of the closet, but that's for another time!
All my crafts and supplies are organized inside these great brown photo boxes that I picked up at Joanns for only $2.50 a box.  I think they are just great and I love the contrast of the brown with the dark charcoal wall in the back.  I built and stained the shelves myself.  I used knotty pine because its very affordable and I love how the knots and blemishes just pop out when you stain it.  Those magazine organizers I picked up at Ikea and they just happened to match my photo boxes just right! A couple other trinkets on the shelf just to break things up a bit.  I picked that trophy up at an antique store in Sacrament California, and that little letterpress ampersand I found at a Junk Show.
I haven't quite decided yet if I'm going to put anything on the wall above the desk, so for now I'm just accumulating a few little trinkets on top of the desk. I found this nifty old globe at a garage sale, and I've been slowly making a collection of entomology and taxidermy finds.  This is my little dried bat and one of my favorite butterflies. 
On the other end of my desk I have this great old Typewriter that I found at a garage sale and haven quite had the heart to ever sell in my shop.  I found the painted antlers at another Junk show.  I love how they compliment and contrast the dark wall paint!
I picked up this perfect industrial little stool at Rejuvenation and I'm planning on buying another so there will be one for each side.  This desk is rather low and this little stool works great! Plus, its just so cool looking!!
Were planning to install white washed laminate wood floors here in the next couple months.  I'm so excited to see how everything is just going to pop after we get this cheep creamy carpet out of here!
So there you have it.  Sometimes its easy to create a little extra usable space when you're living in a small apartment.  Where did all our clothes go you ask?  They found a home in a hallway pantry we have just outside our bedroom door.  We just created more storage space in our kitchen dining room area and did the whole closet switch-a-roo.  I'm so happy to finally have a place to put all of my little bits of crafts and I'm so happy to finally have a space to create in!!  Everything is at my fingertips!!
I love it!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Farmers Markets are our life!
If were not peddling our crafts and local market fairs, you can catch us every weekend at one of your local Washington farmers markets selling beef for Happy Mountain Farm.
Loyalty shows no bounds to what we pay to this little farm.
We simply love it and what it is, and we love being a part of Washington Farmers Markets!
One of our tried and true customers is Brook, who is a local food blogger at Crackers On The Couch.
We look forward to seeing her and her two amazingly wonderful and unique kids every Sunday.
This pas week she featured us on her blog.  Jont on over there and take a look.... Oh, and don't even think you can get away without sifting through all her recipe's and other writings.  This "Souper Hero" mom makes Super Hero Soup for her kids!
Now, go check out Brook at Crackers On The Couch
"Beep Beep" from the Little Road!

Monday, October 8, 2012


During our younger years, we are all the time living with life, coping with life, experiencing life.
 At a certain age you realize that most of your life is now spent being settled with life.
 Those living moments that happened so regularly in our youth, though they may seem to be fewer, they are more beautiful, more profound, more life changing than ever before.
"Beep Beep" from The Little Road!

Friday, July 13, 2012


I hope y'all are planning to join us this Sunday at the Lake Forest Park Town Center!!
11 to 4 the Little Road and Persnickety's are teaming up for the LFP Farmers and Craft Market.
Swing by and look for our double tent full of crafty and vintage goodies!!
17171 Bothell Way NE
Lake Forest WA 98155
Here is a mini sneak peek at what the Little Road will have!

Vintage "My Buddy" Tackle Box Full Of Lovely Living Succulents.

Vintage 1920's Underwood Typewriter.

Vintage Silver Chalkboard Tray.

Remember those nasty Geometric Light Fixtures from the 80's?
Maybe all we need is just a different perspective!

Vintage Miniature Sized School Desk Chair.

Vintage Australian Kubra Fur Felt "Snowy River" Hat

More Globe Bowls!!!

Fun With Scrabble Tiles!!!


"Beep Beep" from The Little Road!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I enjoy perusing Craiglist's free section every now and then.  Sometimes you just find something totally awesome.  I found a curb alert for this beauty just the other day.

I convinced Curtis to jump in the car and run out for a little adventurous stealth operation.
I was so happy to find it still sitting out along side the road with a big FREE sign on it.  We've been wanting a new dinning table for our little condo that was rectangular shaped.  This seemed just perfect, and look at those pedestal legs!!  The couple who owned the table came out to say hi and told us that they weren't sure if this was an old old table that was kept in their family for a long time, or if it came out of the Spaghetti Factory..... I think I might just go with the Spaghetti factory story, its a little funner.  The previous owner gave me full disclosure that this table will be a hearty project.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!
After getting it in the house I realized that its actually a little too wide and a little too short, and on top of that, I'm pretty sure this table top is not the original top for the legs.  So after much pondering and moving the table around, we've come up with a plan. Were going to build a new table top for it, using planked wood that will be distressed and ether waxed or stained.  I am determined not to let a drop of paint hit this table until I'm fully convinced its not salvageable.  Just picture it with a beautiful planked top..... A little longer, a little narrower, those beautiful legs on ether end and maybe a stretcher down the middle between the two center beams.  It will be a gorgeous farm table knock off.  Paired with some bench seating on ether side, this table will be perfect.
I will keep you posted here on our progress!

"Beep Beep" from The Little Road

Monday, June 25, 2012


Hi Friends!!  Im super excited to announce that I am teaming up with my friend Mandi, owner and crafter extrodenair at Persnickety's Awesomness Emporium for the upcomming Lake Forrest Park Commons Crafters Market.  So far we have been doing most of our business in the Greater South Seattle Area, but his will be a great chance to get our faces seen in the North end! 
So come and join us on Sunday, July 15th in the parking lot of the Lake Forrest Park Commons, nestled next to Farmers Market.  Not only will there be lots of awesome Little Road treasures, but many many more Persnickety treasures too!!  Of corse, we are always glad to meet new people and followers, so come say hi!!
So mark your calendar for JULY 15th!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The other day I was visiting my friend Katy in her AMAZING little shop The Classic Farmhouse.  If you live in Washington, you should absolutely visit her store! She is located inside the Sun Break Cafe in Auburn Washington. Its a great place to have breakfast (Check out my Sunday Brunch review here!) and Katy's shop so much fun to explore after.  She carries lots of fun vintage items, handmade items, beautiful reupholstered pieces that she does her self, and even a few mantiques!  Everything in her shop is priced so reasonably, but believe me, its easy to spend lots of money there!
This last visit I had with her, I noticed that she was selling bags of shredded old book pages.  How smart is she!  Using vintage books and pages for crafts has become ever so popular.  Its a great way to take something old that someone may throw in the garbage, and find a new use for it.  I had to ask her if she wouldn't mind if I offered the same thing in my shop as well.

You could make sweet little birds nests, or just spruce up a present to one of your closest friends.

This would be super easy to make yourself, but if you would like to save some time and effort, you can pick up a bag in my Etsy Shop, at the Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market, or at Persnickety's.   Or just swing over to Katy's Classic Farmhouse and pick one up there!

"Beep Beep" from The Little Road!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hey there friends!
Check out a few new things you can find in my Etsy Shop or come on down to the grand opening of the Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market on June 2nd to pick one up yourself.... and shop for lots of yummy farm fresh goodies.
I've been really interested in typography for a while now... So I decided to try my hand at making a few prints myself.... Here's what we've got so far.

This is one of my all time favorite quotes from Elizabeth Edwards.
All of my typographical prints come with a 9x7 Virserum frame from Ikea.

Its hard to tell, but all the letters in this type have sparkly little stars in them.  I think its a perfect font for this quote from Van Gogh.
Of course I had to make a few special prints for my home town farmers market, here in Des Moines.

Des Moines is a quaint little marina town.  The Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market can be found right down by the Des Moines marina pier, starting next Saturday June 2nd from 10 to 2.  I LOVE THESE SARDINES!!  I know I'm silly but I'm just totally proud of this print! This just captures the way I feel about Des Moines.
I can also customize this print to any ocean side town your little heart desires.

I also had to do this "Lettuce Turnip The Beet" print for the Farmers Market, just for the pure fun of it!!!
If you would like to make one of these fun typographical prints yours, visit The Little Roads Etsy Shop.  Or Swing by the Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market this June 2nd from 10 to 2...... Ooooorrrrr visit Persnkickety's Awesomeness Emporium in Pacific Washington, and pick one up there.  
 Of course I am always happy to make custom orders with any favorite quote or saying you have.  I can also customize any print with any color as well.  Feel free to message me and let me know what ideas you've got!!!

"Beep Beep" from The Little Road!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


  I grew up in Paradise California.  Yes, it is all its name implies.  A quaint little town nestled between oaks and pines, where the dirt is red and the stars are oh so much bigger and brighter then where we live here in Washington.  The instant you stroll in to town, time lapses to a slow molasses pace, where nothing is worth hurrying for and no one is willing to give into demanding pressure to do anything "quickly."  It is Paradise as far as I'm concerned.  It's a different way to live life, and a different mentality that is excruciatingly rare to find up here in the bustling Seattle area.
My Dad still lives in our old house at the end of a dead end street, where herds of dear mozy past your window, sometimes peeking in.  He has quite the pact of wild animals that show up throughout the day for whatever treats my Dad may leave them in the back yard or in the old cat dish on the porch... (He hasn't actually had a cat for several years now.)  He does, however, have pet skunks, Hawks, Jackrabbits, Blue jays, and my favorite Mr. Fox.  He tends to keep the shop door cracked, to let the lizards in to eat the bugs, but we've caught a few skunks taking warm evening naps inside from the rain.
There is an old tree in the back yard that someone, some years back wrapped a hose around, that is now just part of the tree.  There are canyons to explore and iced over ponds to scurry across.  Tadpoles to catch, and june bugs to run away from.  We even have a peacock farm not too far away, so sometimes the occasional peacock will find its way onto our deck.
My roots lie here. Where the dirt is red and dusty.  Where the cars are covered in yellow dust during the spring.  Where ducks cross the road.... and where people stop and wait for them.  Where the heat is dry but the people are not. Where my family and closest friends are 5 minutes away.  Where we can jump in the flume and let it take you on a wild ride.  Where our favorite secret swimming hole is so deep, you can't even find the bottom.  Where our skin is tan and itchy from poison oak.  Where love and cortisone cream is all around.

My Roots Lie Here.

"Beep Beep" from The Little Road!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Im sad to say that I will be out of town this weekend and have to miss it, but you.... you should be in town right?!!  Head down to Pacific Algona this Saturday and be one of the first people to see Persnickety's in action!! Also, be one of the first people to grab some amazing hand made crafts, furniture, antiques and gifts.  There are some amazing creative designers being featured this Saturday, myself included.  "The Little Road" will have over 100 items featured this weekend, and everyone needs a little more "Little Road" right!?

Here is a sneek peak at some items you can catch this weekend from "The Little Road!"

Fancy Antique Door, Chalkboarded to Perfection!

Upcycled Jewelry Organizers!

Oh the places you could go with this Mexi Cali Suit Case!

Golden Seashells Galor In This Vintage Letterpress Drawer.

Fancy Mossy Houses Any Bird Would Love.

An Upcycled Wash Basket.

More WanderFull Suitcases!

And Don't Forget Your Vintage Silver Full Of Living Suculents.

So make sure you come check it out this Saturday.  Just take the 167 Freeway and get off on 8th Street, youll bump right into Persnickety's!
136 Stewart Road SE Suite E1
Pacific Washington.
Tell them The Little Road sent ya!!

"Beep Beep" from The Little Road!!!