Tuesday, October 23, 2012


You may have read earlier in this post Inspiration For A Closet Office that I've been working at converting our small bedroom closet into an office/crafting space.
When you're a crafter, you tend to acquire about a million different tools, pom poms, lace, ribbons.  It's overwhelming how much stuff makes its way into your house.  I needed a space where I could organize all my crafting supplies so that they were just easy to grab and go, and also have a place to sit down and do some work!  I pulled several inspiration pics off of Pinterest which you can see in my Inspiration blog linked above, and well here is the outcome.  (I can't say its the final outcome, because there is still a few elements that I'm planning to add)
But anyway, here goes!
The desk is from Ikea but I was able to find it on Craigslist for half the price.  I also found these great curtains at Ikea that matched the wall color perfectly, so they are hanging on ether side of the desk. (Its hard to see in the picture but they are there.) Behind those curtains I build a shelving system out of the same knotty pine that you can see in the front.  It holds tons and tons of boxes and office supplies.  On the other side is where the hot water heater is hiding, as well as all my shipping supplies.  So So Handy!!  I'm still planning to put decorative molding around the entire opening of the closet, but that's for another time!
All my crafts and supplies are organized inside these great brown photo boxes that I picked up at Joanns for only $2.50 a box.  I think they are just great and I love the contrast of the brown with the dark charcoal wall in the back.  I built and stained the shelves myself.  I used knotty pine because its very affordable and I love how the knots and blemishes just pop out when you stain it.  Those magazine organizers I picked up at Ikea and they just happened to match my photo boxes just right! A couple other trinkets on the shelf just to break things up a bit.  I picked that trophy up at an antique store in Sacrament California, and that little letterpress ampersand I found at a Junk Show.
I haven't quite decided yet if I'm going to put anything on the wall above the desk, so for now I'm just accumulating a few little trinkets on top of the desk. I found this nifty old globe at a garage sale, and I've been slowly making a collection of entomology and taxidermy finds.  This is my little dried bat and one of my favorite butterflies. 
On the other end of my desk I have this great old Typewriter that I found at a garage sale and haven quite had the heart to ever sell in my shop.  I found the painted antlers at another Junk show.  I love how they compliment and contrast the dark wall paint!
I picked up this perfect industrial little stool at Rejuvenation and I'm planning on buying another so there will be one for each side.  This desk is rather low and this little stool works great! Plus, its just so cool looking!!
Were planning to install white washed laminate wood floors here in the next couple months.  I'm so excited to see how everything is just going to pop after we get this cheep creamy carpet out of here!
So there you have it.  Sometimes its easy to create a little extra usable space when you're living in a small apartment.  Where did all our clothes go you ask?  They found a home in a hallway pantry we have just outside our bedroom door.  We just created more storage space in our kitchen dining room area and did the whole closet switch-a-roo.  I'm so happy to finally have a place to put all of my little bits of crafts and I'm so happy to finally have a space to create in!!  Everything is at my fingertips!!
I love it!!