Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The other day I was visiting my friend Katy in her AMAZING little shop The Classic Farmhouse.  If you live in Washington, you should absolutely visit her store! She is located inside the Sun Break Cafe in Auburn Washington. Its a great place to have breakfast (Check out my Sunday Brunch review here!) and Katy's shop so much fun to explore after.  She carries lots of fun vintage items, handmade items, beautiful reupholstered pieces that she does her self, and even a few mantiques!  Everything in her shop is priced so reasonably, but believe me, its easy to spend lots of money there!
This last visit I had with her, I noticed that she was selling bags of shredded old book pages.  How smart is she!  Using vintage books and pages for crafts has become ever so popular.  Its a great way to take something old that someone may throw in the garbage, and find a new use for it.  I had to ask her if she wouldn't mind if I offered the same thing in my shop as well.

You could make sweet little birds nests, or just spruce up a present to one of your closest friends.

This would be super easy to make yourself, but if you would like to save some time and effort, you can pick up a bag in my Etsy Shop, at the Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market, or at Persnickety's.   Or just swing over to Katy's Classic Farmhouse and pick one up there!

"Beep Beep" from The Little Road!

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