Sunday, April 3, 2011


My Mom has always been my strongest follower here on The Little Road Said Go.  Shes always the very first person to comment on most of my posts, and she's always been quite fond of my Sunday Brunches.  Well my mom has been visiting us here for the last week.  We've been having lots of fun!  She offered to take Curtis and I out for Sunday Brunch today, since she knows its one of our favorite things to do!  We decided to try the Sun Break Cafe in Auburn.  It's not far from our house and Curtis and I had heard several things about it, and we've been wanting to try it out for a while.  Perfect opportunity!
The Sun Break originally was a very popular sandwich shop called "The Big Bite" located in Federal Way.  After shutting down there, Bruce, the owner opened the Sun Break Cafe, serving only breakfast every day.  Actually, that's not true, you can still grab a sandwich to go if you would like!  (I'm going to have to try one of those very soon!)
The Sun Break is a no nonsense kind of place through and through.  The portions are enormous! Luckily you can order half orders.  The menu is also generous with many breakfast favorites, from country fried steak and eggs to scrambles and omelets. They also feature some of the best banana bread you could ever imagine! You can even get the "For My Old Friend Frank Omelet" full of sausage and sauteed mushrooms.  The owner Bruce is also a no nonsense kind of guy.  If you're visiting his restaurant, you are expected to play by his rules.  As long as you can manage that, then you can expect to have a delightful meal, and Bruce really is a delightful stuck in his ways man.  In all honesty, I have a bit of respect for that.  Owning a fabulous restaurant doesn't necessarily mean you have to accommodate every persons needs.  You just have to offer great food and common ground.  Hey, the soup Nazi did it, right?!
I do have to admit that I strayed from my usual eggs benedict and grabbed a meat omelet, but my mom filled in for me and ordered the benedict.  The omelet was great, the benedict was even better, but..... Curtis' chicken fried steak and eggs...... AMAZING!!  Two large patties so tender you don't even need a knife to cut it!  Sided with a heap of hash browns about the size of your head.  The benedict came with not one... but two thickly sliced pieces of canadian bacon and was drenched in the richest hollandaise sauce.  I also ordered a hot chocolate that came out with a Mt. Everest replica of whipped cream on the top.  Definitely not a breakfast for the faint at heart!  Oh but the banana bread... how I loved you!
There is also an amazing little antique store inside the restaurant called The Classic Farmhouse. The owner Katy is such a sweetheart and she has really affordable prices on all her goodies  I snagged a few treasures from her today as well. 
Cheers to the Sun Break Cafe!



Katy said...

I love your writing style and your critque of the sun break's spot on! and oh my, the banana bread...drool ;0) Thanks for the mention of my store! It was a pleasure meeting you...blessings, Katy

Anonymous said...

Great review...
I luv brunch, will have to try that place, food looks yummmmy!!
Rena (alias M)

Liesl said...

Thanks Rena and Katy for the comments and for being my new followers!