Sunday, April 10, 2011


Curtis and I are huge fans of Portland.  Mostly because one of our amazing friends and the man who married us lives there, but what makes Portland such an amazing city is the FOOD!!  Every nook and corner has something new and creative to offer, as well as amazing care to the quality and freshness of the food its self.  Like the Seattle area, Portland is also booming with agriculture and specialized vendors of all sorts.  Though there are many places that I love to eat at in Seattle, I have to admit that Portland really has it figured out.  They have it figured out because all of these small little eateries in every nook and corner are taking full advantage to the natural resources and agriculture the city has offer.  It's really quite amazing!
The Cricket Cafe is no stranger to that concept.  Pulling all of their ingredients from Farmers Markets, local family bakeries, local sustainable farms..... even their next door neighbors backyard stash of mint leaves!  Community and humanity are the heart and soul to small business.  That is what makes us great!  That is what makes us wholesome!  That is what makes the lines go around the damn corner!!
Ill never forget the first meal I ever had at the Cricket.   It was a special;  Ricotta flap jacks, with glazed white peaches and hearty bits of CANDIED BACON!!!   Yeah..... that was CANDIED BACON!
I honestly don't think Ill ever forget that Sunday brunch.  Along with amazing food The Cricket also offers an impressive liquid menu.  The specialty is, "The Bloody Gary" 
Not just your every day bloody mary...  Jalapeno infused vodka and fresh horse radish.  It's self induced heart burn, but my oh my don't we just love to feel the burn!  My favorite bloody of all time!
The restaurant was created on a bet between a husband and his wife as they were walking home one evening.  As they were walking, a white cat crossed their path, which later they found out was named "Cricket"..... And there you have it, The Cricket Cafe!
My dear friends, if you are visiting Portland, you have to stop by 3159 SE Bellmont and have a "Gary" for me.  Oh, and if the line is around the corner, just remember.... CANDIED BACON!


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