Monday, April 4, 2011


I've been totally inspired lately by Sunset Magazine.  The last few issues have has some amazing articles featuring people who have revamped their yards and interiors with repurposed materials.  I LOVE THIS!  I mean I love gardens that are full of funny junk laying all over the place, but I also love to see people repurpose junk to make their gardens look oh so modern and cozy.
One of my favorite couples here in Seattle just purchased their first home.  It took Auna and Chris almost an entire year to close on their house, due to construction code issues the bank had to repair, and special loans they had to be approved for to pay for the work that will inevitably have to be done to the home before they can move in.  With a year long struggle, they were just given the keys several days ago, and they are already planning some exciting things.  One thing that is important to them is to conserve wherever possible as well as have some COLOR!  The gray sky's of Seattle can get the best of us down in the dumps, so they plan to counter balance that with a vibrant colored home.  Such a great idea!
So here are a few ideas with them in mind!
The gall who designed this outdoor space as well as converted her shed into an office space did it for under $2000!

Most of her fancy pots were found at thrift stores or are cheep terracotta pots done up with a little paint.
I love how colorful and whimsical her garden is, and looks to be pretty low maintenance.

Another great use of colorful paint!

Great Shed Transformation!

Love the Chicks and Hens hanging out in the palm tree!

I was also so happy to see a Seattle native Leah Steen from Revival Home And Garden in the most recent article who revamped her beautiful georgetown fixer upper using mostly reclaimed materials and lots of imagination.  Also, I'm not a huge lover of the color purple, but the color of her house is AWESOME!!

I love the front hedges and walking stones that are chunks of cement from their RV parking pad deconstruction.  Also those fabulous gates on the side of the house was built from salvaged metal.

This is a discarded syrup barrel from Coca-Cola that they revamped into a rain saver.  Leah said the water gets them through half the summer.

The pavers are chunks of the old RV parking pad lined with moss.
They revamped the detached garage into a guest house and the windows were repurposed from Second Use.

The interior is as bright as the exterior with crazy wall-paper from

I also love this industrial storage cabinet turned liquor cabinet!  That candelabra is pretty nifty as well!

Well, there you have it.  Inspiration can be found anywhere!


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Auna said...

Wow, Liesl, you are the sweetest, most thoughtful, wonderful woman! And my, what a wonderful eye you have! Thank you so much for thinking of us. xoxo