Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I enjoy perusing Craiglist's free section every now and then.  Sometimes you just find something totally awesome.  I found a curb alert for this beauty just the other day.

I convinced Curtis to jump in the car and run out for a little adventurous stealth operation.
I was so happy to find it still sitting out along side the road with a big FREE sign on it.  We've been wanting a new dinning table for our little condo that was rectangular shaped.  This seemed just perfect, and look at those pedestal legs!!  The couple who owned the table came out to say hi and told us that they weren't sure if this was an old old table that was kept in their family for a long time, or if it came out of the Spaghetti Factory..... I think I might just go with the Spaghetti factory story, its a little funner.  The previous owner gave me full disclosure that this table will be a hearty project.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!
After getting it in the house I realized that its actually a little too wide and a little too short, and on top of that, I'm pretty sure this table top is not the original top for the legs.  So after much pondering and moving the table around, we've come up with a plan. Were going to build a new table top for it, using planked wood that will be distressed and ether waxed or stained.  I am determined not to let a drop of paint hit this table until I'm fully convinced its not salvageable.  Just picture it with a beautiful planked top..... A little longer, a little narrower, those beautiful legs on ether end and maybe a stretcher down the middle between the two center beams.  It will be a gorgeous farm table knock off.  Paired with some bench seating on ether side, this table will be perfect.
I will keep you posted here on our progress!

"Beep Beep" from The Little Road

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Brooke (Crackers on the Couch) said...

This is an awesome table! I can't wait to see what you do with it!