Saturday, January 15, 2011

ELECTRA bikes is a California based company that started in 1992. They are solely responsible for re-popularizing the cruiser bike. Of course they offer many different bike designs, but I sure do love those old cruiser bikes! I pulled a few pictures of their new AMSTERDAM collection. I had such a hard time just picking a few pictures, that I just simply couldn't! There are just so many "amazing, cool, stylin, I would be the coolest kid on the block if I owned one of these" bikes to choose from. Oh, did I also mention that they have some really nifty accessories to go with it!? You can literally customize your bike from the fender to fancy handle bars, right down to personalized colored wheels! I personally love the first bike below, but I also really love the sleekness of the all black and all white... Oh so many choices.
Okay, enough talk. Just have fun looking at the pictures!
Which ones are your favorites?

I absolutely love this leather satchel, and its only $20!

This lady seriously sports that sleek black Electra. I love the tasseled handlebars!

Dual sided wicker saddlebags! Ooohh Yeah!

I also adore this helmet!

Surfer addition bell and bike seat.


Terry said...

I LOVE all of these bikes, and that twin wicker saddlebag is to die for! Now if I only knew how to ride a bike! lol

Adriana Black said...

I love these bikes. I have the gypsy and have only taken it out a few times... I wish I lived in a less steep area so I could cuise around. I should bring it to Costa Rica and take it to the beach... that would be an awesomely fun time =)