Friday, March 4, 2011


Hello my lovely friends! I've been missing everyone!
I have to admit that I have been a little MIA lately, because I've been spending several nights a week sneaking over to our friends house to watch American Idol.   Curt and I don't have cable, and we've formed a long lasting tradition of watching every season with 2 of our amazing friends!
Anyway, so the issue of the floor has been a long one.  When I first purchased our little beach condo 10 years ago, you could say it had been remodeled.....  Just, only in the sense that everything was replaced and updated with the absolute cheapest Home Depot products.  (Not that I have any issues with Home Depot products, but really, I think my kitchen cabinets were actually made to go in a garage.)  The floors, the cheapest cream colored carpet you could find.  Its not a huge deal, it looked nice enough when I first moved in, and its given me the opportunity to replace things the way I personally like it, and not feel bad about throwing out someone else's personal taste and expense. 
Recently I've been pretty adamant about replacing the flooring with a white wood looking laminate.  I've been standing in the Ikea floor section, swooning over a beautiful $1.15 a square foot white pannels.   Alas, even at $1.15 a square foot, I really can't afford it right now.  Yet, on the other hand, I don't think I can live much longer with my ugly dirt and cat pee stained carpet.  BLEK!
Well the other day I found these!

Would you believe these are sub floors?!
These amazing pictures above are from the lovely and talented Ashley Ann from
She has an amazing blog with tons of fun DIY projects for your home and for our smaller little friends.  She is also a monthly DIY contributor to Design Sponge and Design Aglow.
She just recently refurbished her sub floors in her bedroom and I am totally IN LOVE with them! She spent some time prepping the floor, painted it with some porch paint from Lowes and then created a unique stencil to lay horizontally across the room.  I think it just turned out lovely.  She finished it off by rubbing a wood varnish over the top and rubbing it off to give it an older look. 
So my friends.....  What are your thoughts?  Should Curtis and I start ripping up the carpet and break out the Bondo and Porch Paint?!!

If you would like to see Ashley's full tutorial on how she stenciled her sub floors click HERE
She also has some more amazing photos of those rockin floors!


southwelldd said...

I say do it!! Make sure you put a wax or something on it to finish it off...but i think it's a really great idea, and worse case scenario if you hate it, you can cover it eventually :)

Terry said...

I love it! With porch paint, you can do any color you want, and I know that you'll come up with something really creative. Subfloor will be colder than with wood or carpet, but I see endless possibilities with doing this.

Anonymous said...

Do it! Do it! Those floors are awesome!

AshleyAnn said...

Thanks for your kind words on my floors! And I say "do it". I love mine so much more that the carpet that we had. One day we'll be ready for hardwoods, but until then paint is a great alternative!

carebearass said...