Friday, March 18, 2011


Alright friends, I am seriously gearing up for the tearing up of carpet here at Casa Del Playa!  My mom is coming to visit here in a few weeks, so I've decided I have to wait just a bit longer, so that I don't put her through the disaster zone that will become our house for a few weeks!   We have definitely decided that we are going to live on our sub floors, but to catch some of you up, we are going to get crafty with them!
We've decided that we are going to paint the floors white!  I can see some of you wincing out there!  I am well aware of the constant cleaning I will have to perform to keep the floors looking nice.  I figure Ill eventually invest in a rumba.  That should take care of things nicely, and probably scare the hell out of my cat on a daily basis!  However, there is a good reason that we've decided on white.  As much as I love this little beach condo.......... It only has 2 windows.  One large sliding glass door in the living room and one small window in the bedroom.  Oye!  Luckily I do face a good direction and get a considerable amount of natural light during the day, despite only having 2 windows.  So that is why my fine friends, the floor should be white!  To create more light!
So now I need your help!  Even though the floors are going to be white, I still intend to have some fun on the finish.  I plan on using a water based high gloss sealant to make the floors uber shiny.  Then add just a touch of whimsy with some stenciling.  The question is... how much stenciling?   So, take a look at some of the pictures below and tell me what you like the best.  Keep in mind, our new curtains have a pretty busy damask like pattern on them.  Also, I could only stencil the bedroom and leave the rest of the house just plain old white, then I could possibly go a little bit more crazy.  Anyway, look for yourselves and leave a comment and tell me what you like!

Super cute and I feel like it adds a lot of texture.  It could be totally overwhelming though.

I do love Chevron prints.  Maybe in the bedroom?

I really love subtleness of these stencils.  Simple but lots of fun.  What color though?

I really like the white on gray in the last one.  It embellishes the space without necessarily being a focal point.



Terry said...

Well, I like them all. I think the first one is pretty, but I think it would be way too busy in the living room and dining room and I think your bedroom is too small for such a busy print. I like the idea of the chevron in the bedroom, but I also think the white on gray would be nice throughout. The gray is light enough that you would still have light added to your rooms, but the stenciling wouldn't be the focal point. The white stenciling would also really accent your white couches.

Kathryn said...

I'm with your mom on this. The first one is fun, but you might get tired of so much overall print. I LOVE the last one, the white on gray! All of the stenciling ones are so pretty, but that would alleviate the problem of deciding what color to make the stencil