Sunday, February 6, 2011


I am declairing Sunday blogs "Sunday Brunch Days!"  We all have those few little things in life that we love an cherish.  Those few things that make us feel happy inside and make us feel like were living for the moment.  For me, one of those times is Sunday brunch.  An ideal Sunday for me includes getting the chance to sleep in until I naturally wake up, taking the morning slow, then heading out for a delicious brunch meal at one of our favorite secret foodie spots.  So on Sundays from here on out I will feature one of our favorite spots to grab a bite in the Seattle Metro area.
So to kick things off, I would like to introduce "Toulouse Petit." This restaurant is hardly a secret spot but is a completely new one to Curtis and I, and has quickly become one of our favorites!  Located at the bottom of Queen Anne Avenue, just a hop skip and a jump from the Space Needle, Toulouse Petit features traditional Louisiana French Quarters delights!  With a menu that makes you feel like your in a swimming pool full of choices, you can find anything from craw fish to signature eggs Benedict variations. YUM!  The building is stunning, replicating gilded iron, curvy sexy lines and textural walls, its strait out of Frances Gothic / Art Nouveau movement.  Another draw is its amazing brunch happy hour 9:30 to 11, Monday through Friday, where menu items are either $6 or $9, and let me tell you, these menu items are nothing to scoff at!
Curtis and I are huge fans of ordering two entrees and splitting each of them between the two of us.  That way we both get to try two yummy creations.  This particular visit we ordered Eggs Charcutieres with Rustic Duck and Veal Shallot Pan Sauce, (Doesn't that sound heavenly?)  and, Cured Pork Cheeks Confit Hash. (Mmmmmm Pork Cheeks!)  It was simply amazing!  One of the better meals of my life!  The Eggs Charcutieres included a poached egg nested on top of roasted duck pate', accompanied with roasted potatoes and covered with a creamy hollandaise sauce.  I'm pretty sure any troubles weighing on my mind took wing and flew out the window while I was eating it.
Okay, Ill stop talking and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Click HERE if you would like to check them out on line. 
This gorgeous place doesn't disappoint!

Have any of you readers ever visited?  What do yall think?



Kay said...

Sure makes me want to go!

Terry said...

Oh, my gosh! I just finished dinner and thought I was full, but now I'm hungry again! The food looks sooooooo yummy, and the restaurant is beautiful. Definitely a place I'd like to go the next time I visit you.