Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm so excited to show off one of my new purchases!  A brand new canvas shower curtain from IZOLATheir shower curtains are super fun!  I'm in love with simple black on white imaging right now.  I picked the apothecary shower curtain for our bathroom.
Our bathroom has been an on going project for about the last 4 years.  Its actually gone through a complete remodel due to some water damage that was caused years back from another owner.  I looked through all my old pictures and I couldn't find a picture of it before we did the work. I so wish I could give you a before and after pictures.   Well just imagine vinyl ugly flooring, an ugly old bathtub and probably the cheapest sink cabinet ever!  Oh! and don't forget the mirroed rectangle of large theatrical light bulbs!  Bleck!!
Anyway, take a look at it now!

My amazing and enormous bathroom sink is from Ikea.  Towel rack came from Restoration Hardware,  Other tid bits are lucky finds!  But that shower curtain takes the cake for me!

I bought this great black and white woven rug at Ikea for only $4!

I got this little guy from my grandmother.  Our bathroom door doesn't stay open on its own, so this little guy helps us out.  With his leg lifted like that, it pretty fitting really.

I splurged a while back and bought this great vanity lamp at REJUVINATION.  I love it because it holds two 100 watt bulbs in it.  So even though its a small lamp, it puts out a ton of light!

This is one of my favorite prints that I have on the wall right now.

So there you have it!  As always, would love to hear your thoughts!


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Kathryn said...

You did an amazing job! Love it!