Friday, February 4, 2011


The other day my very dear and good friend Brittanya asked me "So what does the little road said go have to say about baby showers?"   Well first of all, a baby shower is a party and party's are just way too fun.  Personally I constantly under estimate how much work goes into throwing a party and things are never quite all there when actually gets down to the "P" Day.  Of course its still always fun and joyous!  I think I need to find some more reasons to throw parties to get more practice.
So here you go Miss "B", an entire baby shower dedicated to the letter B!
I hope you have some fun planing and decorating!

I've really been enjoying gray and yellow together.  I think it perfectly matches my love for story Seattle and my home town in sunny Paradise California.

Sure this arbor would take some time to build but its pretty simple.  I don't think it would be too hard to create.  You would have endless possibilities of decorations to string from them.

Again, I love the gray and yellow table runner and napkin rings. So simple, clean and fresh.

Add in some Bee's while you're at it!

B is for Birds!  I love the Japanese garden stools.  I see these at TJ Max all the time for cheep cheep!

B is for Bananas!

This cake wasn't part of the series of pictures above, but I think its so fun. 



Matt said...

Baby shower? My wedding wasn't that nice!

(and Marshmallow does not start with a B. and they should have labeled the jelly beans just Beans. or at least jelly Beans)

carebearass said...

ADM!!! (ay dios mio) It's beautiful and perfect!!! You've given me so many ideas including the colors yellow and gray...which I feel the same about the colors ...thank you for all of it...I can't wait to get started and it's all because of you! I love you my bohemian queen! Thank you!!! -B