Saturday, February 5, 2011


Okay, I confess, our bedroom is completely TRASHED right now!  Curtis and I have done some preliminary starts to remodeling the room, and its just sort of in that state where is has to get insanely messy before it can get organized.  Since Casa Del Playa is only a one bedroom beach condo, and The Little Road Said Go is a fresh young green tree sprout of a business, all of my crafties have been piled and shoved under the bed... OYE!  So our new ultimate goal is; (and I just want to state that this was Curtis' idea)  We are going to transfer our closet full of clothes into our walk in hallway pantry.  (The pantry is going to move to some fancy Ikea cabinets in the dining room eventually.)  This will leave the whole closet for me to anal retentively organize all my crafts and doo dads. YEAY!
I have mucho mucho ideas for the bedroom and I figured if I blog about it, I can comprehensively look at my ideas as a whole, while entertaining you folks.  Thoughtful of me, right?! 
So here you go!  An inspiration board to our new upcoming bedroom.  I'm going with a sort of shabby chippy look mixed with industrial elements. 

First of all.  We are planning on putting white floorboards throughout our house.  They sell at Ikea for $1.15 a square foot.  Since our little condo is so small and really only has 2 windows ( A sliding glass door in the living room and a regular window in the bedroom) I think the white floor will brighten the heck out of the place and will look like an old warehouse or cottage.
Wish that silly little dog would come with the flooring!

Though I'm not crazy about the colors in this picture, I love the two dressers on either side of the bed.  This is a similar set up that I think I would like to replicate.  I also love the matching mirrors on the walls behind the lamps.  In our bedroom the window is right above where I would be putting the bed, so imagine a window there.  :O)  My mom just recently moved out of her home and saved me a set of beautiful white Hunter Douglass wooden shades.  I can't wait to hang them up!
Here is the bed that I'm looking at right at the moment.  I love the beds that hug around the bed at the head board, like an old wing back chair, but I have yet to find one with a foot board as well.

Dwell Studio makes this amazing sheet set.  I have had my eye on it for a couple years.  I TOTALLY love the print on it!  Its a tad expensive for us ($250) but has really good reviews on quality and wear.   Its definitely something that could be used long term.
Remember those great bedside dressers up above?  Well instead of those fancy fru fru lamps, I'm in love with these old fashioned pharmacy lamps.  I love the balancing weight to them vs. the jointing kind.  Very lovely!

I know this one isn't a bedroom, but I love the raw hide rug on the floor.  I've also seen these at Ikea.  Id probably do a darker one on either side of the bed.  I love how it looks on the white floorboards as well!

I have a few bits of furniture that were planning on keeping in the bedroom.  One is an old vintage full wall book case.  I found it off Craigslist about a year ago and it was originally a built in unit inside an old home.  The home was destroyed, the bookcase was salvaged and now has a comfy home in our bedroom.  Its not dark wood like the one above, its painted white and its all chipped up.  One thing that just tickles my anal retentive side is color coding books right now.  I'm all about color coding!  I think books can look real cluttery and messy really easy.  Take the covers off and show the beautiful bindings behind. Arrange them by color, and it just looks striking!  There's that silly little dog again!

I'm a sucker for these old ceiling rosettes.  I have one in my dinning room now that I really love.  The bedroom must have one as well.  The great thing for those of us who design on a budget is that you can buy plastic replicas of them at Home Depot and Lowes.  They are super cheep ($10 to $50) but don't look it at all! Very easy to install also.

Getting back to my industrial side again.  I'm IN LOVE with these caged industrial pendants from Rejuvenation.  Rejuvenation is one of my all time favorite shops, and were so lucky to have one of their stores right in the Sodo district of Seattle.  Yeay!  I think one of these caged lights hanging from a fancy rosette would look amazing and funky at the same time!

Another awesome thing you can find at Rejuvenation are these replicas of old fashioned light bulbs.  They go anywhere from 30 to 100 Watts and you can visually see the filament inside.  It looks like glowing swirls inside the bulb.  The only down side is the price. They are about $15 a bulb!  Wowza!

Now coming to the closet!  My husband and I were so fortunate to receive a hearty chunk of Home Depot gift cards for our wedding.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to use them to install french doors in our bedroom closet or use them for the flooring.  Right now I'm really liking the idea of using linen curtains going across the entire wall.  I found some great cotton fabric at Joanns that looks just like linen for only $3 a yard.  It wouldn't cost me an arm and a let to make a curtain like this.  (Wish I had enough space for a closet solely dedicated to shoes!)

Here's the idea of the office being inside the closet.  Id probably go a little more vintage then this, maybe find a cool farm table as a desk, but I think this looks pretty nice and functional.  Just have to be a little creative.

Another piece of furniture we already have that will be staying is an old chipped up armoire.  This is not mine.  It is the closest picture I could find similar to mine.   Mine has a place to hang dresses on either side of the drawers, and the mirror is a circle on top instead of square.  There used to be mirrors in the doors however long ago, but when I bought it on Craigslist it had been replaced with flowery wall paper.  Blek.  I recovered them with old burlap coffee sacks exactly like this one below.  I love it!

Another picture that tickles my anal retentive side.  I love how all these garments are placed inside crisp garment bags with a label showing a picture of whats inside.  Anal indeed! 

Not sure if this idea will fly or not, but I like the idea of having some sort of an accent wall behind the bed.  I love this idea of using old reclaimed wood.  Very Very cool!

So there you have it.  My brain at work!  I promise to take pictures as things slowly progress.
But for now....



Terry said...

I LOVE your ideas! Your bedroom is going to be sooooo AWESOME when it's done! What color are the walls going to be?

Liesl Ayers-Southwell said...

Hi Ma!

The walls are going to be painted sort of an oatmeal color with a hint of grey. Its called "Wheat Bread" and its by Behr at Home Depot. The living room was paited the same color when you last visited. :O)
After painting my house a million colors, I finaly settled on this one!

Anonymous said...

I L-O-V-E the idea of color coding the books. Once I have my own bedroom again I am totally going to do this! You are a beautiful artist.

<3 Chela