Monday, February 7, 2011


I've mentioned that during the week I am a nanny for a very cute and adventurous little 2 year old.  Liam and I go on lots of different adventures throughout the week and one thing I just love about him is that he notices everything on the ground.  He finds some really interesting stuff!  (Sometimes he finds some really gross stuff too!)  At the park, he will often bring me back handfuls of acorns, chestnuts, seed pods, and STICKS!  LOTS AND LOTS OF STICKS!  This kid just loves sticks!
Here is one of his finds.

I thought this was an awesome stick!  We made a point to bring it home with us.
Today I turned it into this;

I attached it to a wall in my hallway and I've attached pictures of my family and friends.  Ikea sells some great hooks with small little clips on them.  I think I will make a trip out there so I can securely attach the pictures to the tree.  Lots of fun!


Terry said...

This is such a great idea! I just love it. You're just soooo clever!

Anonymous said...

I love being on your wall! I wish it was like Hogwarts and I could talk to you through my picture.

<3 Chela

Liesl Ayers-Southwell said...

I wish you could talk to me through your picture too! That would be rad.... and a little creepy at the same time. BTW I love that picture of you. I've kept it close by for years!