Thursday, December 30, 2010


The final roll of Kodachrome film was developed in Kansas today.

Kodak announced it was discontinuing the iconic film in 2009, after the competition from digital cameras caused a large sales decline. Kodachrome is a difficult film to process, requiring expert handlers. Dwayne's Photo in Kansas is the sole remaining developer, and the last roll of film to be developed was shot by its owner Dwayne Steinle.

Kodachrome film has been renowned for its exceptional rendering of color, vivid images and archival longevity. For many many years, it was the preferred brand for print media.

Dwayne's Photo has been inundated with requests for developing this film, many from photographers who have been hoarding the coveted film for years. One customer picked up 1,580 rolls of film used. The nearly 50,000 slides cost $15,798 to develop.

Kodachrome has been responsible for some of the most recognized and coveted pictures in photography history. Though the new digital wave makes photography more accessible to the world, I can't help but feel that a true art is being lost as technology progresses. For the few left that still use film, I hope you will continue to keep that passion and art form alive.
As a dedication to the end of this wonderful era, here are a few photos shot by the iconic Kodachrome. Some pictures you may remember, some you may recognize, and others are here for your pure enjoyment.

A Sweet Farewell to Kodachrome

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Anonymous said...

It is really cool that you bid farewell to Kodachrome film. I'm so sad that it is no more. Another bit of history gone, but not forgotten because of the many wonderful images left behind. You have certainly taken some wonderful photos with your old SLR and Kodak film so it's very fitting that you would have this on your blog. As they say, parting is such sweet sorrow.