Monday, December 13, 2010


One of the funnest things about getting married is looking at all the cool wedding blogs out in cyberspace! One of my favorite blogs was "Green Wedding Shoes" All the pictures they feature are so creative and fun!

My husband Curtis and I wanted to add really fun elements to our wedding. Curtis' uncle was so sweet and made us a really cool photo booth to have at our wedding. Our family and friends had so much fun with it! I just got the photos back today and I thought I should share just a few of them with you!

~The goofy bride~

~Creative Friends~

~Grandpa Harold, June and Kaya~
I love the serious face!

~My goofy Dad and wonderful friends up top~

~Curtis' mom fabulously sitting on the table, and all her sisters~

~The Preacher Man~

~Contagiously silly bridesmaids~

~More wonderful friends~

~Little L, our ring barer and family~

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