Wednesday, December 8, 2010


One thing I wish was in every bathroom is an old claw foot tub. Lounging in a piece of architectural history with no overflow drain is my idea of heaven. Okay, I know some of you lucky ducks out there have the fancy enormous spa tubs, but doesn't the claw foot just make you nostalgic? Just like the girl in the photo above, it makes you want to relax and jot down a few little important thoughts after reading something insperational in a good novel, all while sipping a cup of hot cider. Hmmm.

My husband and I just recently got married last August and one of our wonderful family friends endowed us with his old claw footed tub as a wedding gift. I'm so excited to tear out my bathroom and install it! I just love this wooden bath tray that I found on Etsy a few months back. I love how rustic it looks. It's just lovely. As soon as I get that tub installed, I think I'm going to call in a few wood working favors!

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