Sunday, December 12, 2010


Check out this little slice!

Curtis and I had to make a trip up to Bothell this last Saturday and decided to hit up as many thrift stores we could find on our way back to Seattle. We found this little beauty for only $5!!! I have pretty limited space these days, just living in our little condo, but I am determined to find a place to put this. I think it would be so cute as a little plant stand slash book stand. There is even "Scotty + Linda" carved on the back seat. I just love it! I figure, if I can't find a spot for it in my house, I can always turn it around and sell it for way more then I payed for it.

On another note;

Make sure to check out the new vintage items I just listed on my Etsy today! There are links to my Etsy account on the top right of this page, but I'm going to add a few pictures just for fun!

PS. I promise I will have some pictures up soon of our kitchen remodel! Sorry I've been holding out on you!

1920's Vintage Percolator Adjustable Calender

1910 Vintage Victorian Brass and Wood Toilet Paper Holder

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