Sunday, September 18, 2011


One place I always make a point to hit up when I'm home in California is Sin Of Cortez, located in Chico California.  Trust me, I love an all American breakfast... but, sometimes I just want something a little out of the box, and that is why I love to come here.  This place is normally really busy and it takes a while to get a seat but, good things are worth waiting for, and everyone here is very nice.
Sin Of Cortez offers a variety of healthy breakfast choices featuring local and fresh produce from the Chico area.  Many dishes have a Latin twist but not all of them.  I think of it more as a bohemian gypsy style breakfast.  Most dishes can come with a side of brown rice or a whole wheat tortilla. I LOVE scrambled eggs and rice!  I honestly feel like its one of the best parings, and you rarely see them accompanying each other!  When Curtis and I honeymooned in Costa Rica, the national breakfast dish there was called Gallo Pinto, which was scrambled eggs, fried white rice mixed with black beans and covered in a coconut sauce... ooohhh I miss it!

Anyway, at Sin Of Cortez I love to order there blueberry cornmeal pancakes.  They are so light and have a little crispness to them.  Maple syrup is on every table in old Jorito soda bottles.  I'm also a huge fan of there scrambles.  You can get anything from spinach to pesto to tofu to jalapeno, and every scramble is served with a side of lightly sprinkled rosemary potatoes.  Each dish is carefully crafted and arranged so beautifully, its hard to actually eat!......... Actually no, no it's not hard to eat at all.

Sin Of Cortez makes everything "In Kitchen" which I actually had to research, because shouldn't everything be made "in kitchen?"  By that they mean, everything is made fresh daily.  The beans don't come out of a can, they are soaked and cooked fresh.  Everything from the salsa to the whipped cream is made fresh daily.  They actually quote themselves, "If we had more room, we'd raise our own beef."
There coffee is some of the best you can find, and they hold a very high standard to what they use to make it.
There motto is; "Make the best coffee possible, damn the cost!"
They're coffee is made from Single Origin beans, meaning they come from the same plant, or group of plants.  They will never be blended or dark roasted to save cost.  Single Origin beans are the only way to ensure consistent flavor and texture, no after taste and balanced acidity.

Of course the love of my life is there Mexican Hot Chocolate!
It is perfectly sweet and spicy at the same time. With fresh REAL whipped cream (Not from any can or tub!) and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and chocolate syrup.
Oh my heart starts palpitating just thinking about it.

So if you live any where near or are passing through Chico California, absolutely stop and grab yourself a cup o' Cortez Joe and some seriously good eats!
If you would like to visit Sin Of Cortez on the web just click HERE

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