Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Lot's of people are having fun with chalk boards these days.  With the abundance of chalk board paint options, you can seriously go crazy with it.  Actually, I'm pretty sure my husband has lost his marbles over chalk board paint...  Every time I say "I'm thinking about painting that." He chimes in with "Chalkboard?!   
If Picasso had his blue period, my husband is definitely in his chalk board period.  :O)
So here is a fun idea for yall.
Turn a vintage tray into a chalkboard!

Its super easy to find an abundance of vintage silver serving ware at your local thrift stores.  Any time we see something a little unique, we try to snag it up.  There are lots of fun DIY things to do with vintage silver.
Some people love to collect it, and some people like to repurpose it!
And that would be us, so for all of you out there who are avid silver collectors.... I apologize for this...  really I do. 
First, find a silver tray that you like!  I forgot to take a before photo of my tray so I had to hack this one off the Internet.

Get yourself a container of chalkboard paint.  Don't try to be clever and buy the chalkboard spray paint, it will make a HUGE mess and won't look good!  You can ether tape the edges if you like or paint free hand with a small foam wedge brush.  I find that its just easier to do everything freehand, if you have a hard time keeping your had steady, keep some Clorox wipes close by, you can pull up any little mistakes by wrapping it around your finger nail.

Paint the entire inner area of the tray, and let dry.  Repeat this process at least 3 times.  If you only put one coat of paint on, the paint will chip off the silver when you rub any chalk off.  Also, the more coats you use the less you will see the decorative stamping on the inner part of the try... though, its still really pretty to be able to see it, it just wont let the chalk write as smooth.

That's all there is to it!  You can hang or place your tray anywhere and write away!
I would like to have a cheese party and use my try to label different cheeses.
Wouldn't cheese look so pretty against the black too?
You can clean your tray with just a damp cloth. Easy Peasey!

"Beep Beep!" From The Little Road!

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Brooke said...

I pick up cheap silver plated dishes at second-hand stores. I like the patina on it. I have a friend who thinks I'm just insane for not shining it but I like the "aged" look. This is a great idea!