Monday, September 12, 2011


This band actually took some time to find!
My Dad keeps yelling at me to rush out to the TV room to listen to this song on a current Verizon commercial.
He says;  "Who is this and what the heck are they saying?"
It took some time to track them down and find that they are called "The Suzan"
An all girl punk/pop/surfer band from Japan.
Though I'm still not sure exactly everything they are saying, you can get the gist of it.
"Come to me now, come, come.  Come to me now, come."

This is a pretty catchy little tune really and I love the Afro/Brazilian/Caribbean feel!
It makes me want to lay on a white sandy beach and listen to steel drums all day long.

"Beep Beep!" From the Little Road

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