Monday, September 19, 2011


Well it's back to Seattle for me.  I made the 11 hour trek back to the Emerald City in my little green mini coop.  It's been a loooooooong day to say the least!  It's always so heard to say good-bye.
I'm already missing the old brown carpet in my Dad's house, the smell of sourdough bread.  The smiles on my Mom and Dad's faces.  I miss waking up to baby dear looking in my window.  I miss seeing my best friends beautiful pregnant belly.  If only there was a way to combine the two places I love so much.
That's why I find it fitting to have a song from The Head And The Heart today.
They are a local Seattle band, and I am so in love with this song.
The line they sing at the beginning of the song fits today so well.
"Mama once told me, you're already home where you feel loved."

"Beep Beep!" from The Little Road

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