Sunday, May 15, 2011


Happy Rainy Sunday.

Curtis and I made a trip out to Puyallup Washington yesterday to visit the Funky Junk Sisters Junk Salvation show.  Unfortunately we weren't really able to buy anything but I was able to get so many amazing ideas for my own up coming booth at the Des Moines Farmers Market!
Actually, I had sort of an epiphany!
Remember Fridays post The Dream Of The Rubber Tramper?  Well considering how much I love those little vintage trailers... and since the name of my business is The Little Road
Said Go.....  How damn perfect would it be to get my hands on one of those trailers and turn it into MY SHOP!  A TRAVELING LITTLE ROAD EMPORIUM!!!  It's a perfect idea!  It's so perfect I could pop!
I could hitch that right up and just pull it right into my Farmers Market slot!
Now.... How can I get my hands on one?
In light of this new epiphany, Curtis and I made up our new business card last night!  I'm so happy with it!
The Des Moines Farmers Market is right on the waterfront so I love the fact that we found this little picture of the trailer right on the water.  It's going to be great!  I've ordered 100 of these in postcard size which I think will make more of a statement then just a little business card.

On a different note, I also met a wonderful lady at the Junk Salvation show that told me all about this new gadget called "The Square."

The box hooks right up to the audio jack in your smart phone and allows you to take credit card transactions right through your phone.  Curtis and I immediately came home and checked it out on the web, and were happy to find out how easy and low cost it will be!  We should be receiving it in the mail in just a few days!  I'm so excited that I will have the option to accept credit cards at the farmers market as well!  
The process is so simple.  You simply slide the credit card through the box on your phone, then it uses your phone to transmit the data of the sale to your Square account.  Then Square will immediately transfer the money to your personal bank account and only charges a 2% fee.  The costumer simply signs for the transaction using their finger on your touch screen, and Square will ether text the receipt to their phone or send it to their personal email.  (I obviously will also have a paper trail as well.)

It's as simple as that!  This might be one of the most awesome inventions ever made to help out small business.  I just can't wait to start selling!

Cheers to all of you!

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