Monday, May 23, 2011


I've had this idea for a long time, I just haven't figured out how I could execute it without spending a huge wad of dough!  At this point in the Little Road business, my house has started getting over ran with crafting supplies and items for resell.  As most of you know, this is a one bedroom condo for heavens sakes!!  There isn't a ton of extra room hanging around! Anyway, currently I have a tinsy winsy little bit of extra space in the dinning room... but call me a traditionalist, I don't want to store all my business supplies where I'm supposed to enjoy my meals.  I have a small walk in pantry in our hallway...... But its full to the brim with food storage, and my kitchen is all open shelving.  Nothing says home like a collection of caned corn hanging out on the shelf above your sink!  I also have a long and tall full wall closet in my bedroom...... NOW WERE TALKIN!  But where the heck am I going to put all our clothes?
Time for the old switcharoooo.  Really, the clothes would be much better off in the pantry, where I can walk in and grab what I need, instead of digging all the way to the back of my closet.  Really, that's how great children's novels like the Chronicles Of Narnia were thought up, but alas I am no where close to a novelist and I don't think my dinning room table has room for even one more pin cushion!  Okay, so we move the clothes to the pantry... now where is the food storage going to go?

Originally I had planned to buy 3 of these beauties from Ikea to put in that silly little extra space in the dinning room.  I could frost the glass and hide everything away in there and it would look amazing!  But I don't have $800 to drop on 3 of these beautiful cabinets!
So, I'm going to put it all out there and go industrial!

I love to mix shabby white furniture (which most of my house consists of) with industrial finds, and its rather popular right now.  And as far as putting my box of cheerios and cans of corn right out there for everyone to see... I think I'm anal retentive enough to make this work.  Cans can go in baskets, we can get cute storage containers!!  I can make this look good, I know I can!

In fact, I think I could even make these awesome shelves to cover the wall for hardly any money at all!

Oh yes, I can definitely make this work.
Not only will it look cool, the old pantry will be a way more functional closet and then I will have that whole bedroom closet for all my little odds and ends and doodads.
I want to get started right now I'm so excited!
What do you guys think?


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Terry said...

The shelves would be fantastic! I KNOW you could make them, too. You definitely need more room for your crafting stuff, so why not?