Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Before and afters are my favorite thing to google image!  Its really fun to see what kinds of cool and funky ideas people have that can transform a piece of furniture.  
I have about a million before and afters going on in my house right now.  The problem is, I always ether run out of money or motivation to finish it.  You can slap my wrist if you want to but you know were all guilty of doing it.   Anyway, I'm vowing to get some of these furniture over hauls done with.  Of course so I can show them to you!
So here is one that I just recently finished.

I have to admit that I am responsible for how shitty this armoire looked.... Well Sorta.
When I first got it off craigslist it was painted a pretty white... but prior to being painted white it had been painted zebra stripes.... and well it showed through the paint.  It also didn't have those cool burlap coffee bags in the doors ether, there was crappy flowery wall paper duck taped inside.  Later, I got a horrible idea to paint all the furniture in my bedroom black.  I painted this piece and immediately knew It was a horrible idea. It not only looked like absolute crap, it also showed every little spec of dust.  AAARRRGG.  So it has sat and sat and sat, ugly black and nothing in the doors, just big gaping holes.  Later I eventually added the Brazilian coffee bags... which I rather like!

Here is the after.  With three coats of bright white paint, and new pretty knobs.

Blue is an ongoing little pop of color through our house.  I picked these knobs up for cheep at the World Market.  I like them a lot!

And now everything looks so pretty hung up inside.

What do yall think?

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