Thursday, June 30, 2011


Whoo, I've been so neglecting my poor little blog.  I do love you still, I promise!
Alright, enough schmoozing with the blog and lets get back on track!
I'm pretty much completely in love with this wedding!
I think most everyone who has seen the french subtitled movie Amelie has fallen in love with the movie.  I love how this couple has incorporated so many of the fine details into their special day.
I seriously just had a conversation with Curtis about how we should put our wedding clothes back on and do a creative photo shoot / video.  Sadly he told me that he thinks it's too late for us.  :O(
I may still have to wrangle him in for a creative video for one of our big anniversary's.

For those of you who have sadly never seen this movie.  I can't say how much you're missing out.  It's quirky, its fun, its lustful, its adventurous.  Amelie is the kind of girl we all wish we could be.  Completely in love with the wonder of life.
So what an amazing idea to turn it into a wedding theme.

Even the little gnome had to make an appearance.

One gorgeous french cocktail bar!

The couple had their guests send in a snapshot of them selves with their RSVP card.  They cut them and fancied them in an Amelie style as place setting cards.  Genius!

And of course the Creme Brulee!!

The pictures are absolutely wonderful but check out the amazing video to go with it.
You can watch it HERE
(Sorry, I tried to attach it here but wasn't able to.)
So dear readers, what would your wedding theme be?


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Unknown said...

OMG OMG, I so want to get married all over again after seeing this!