Monday, July 4, 2011



Curtis and I are so excited for today's festivities!  Our little "Casa Del Playa" is one of the BEST places to be on the 4th of July.  From our little beach we can see 3 to 5 firework shows!  Every year we invite our friends and family over for potluck, bonfire, and fireworks!  It's always such a blast.
It's been a while since we've had friends over to our house.  We've been in a constant state of remodeling and the house is never quite up to par and were honestly just too tired!  So Curtis and I worked our bums off this week finishing a bunch of projects and getting the house to a some what reasonable state.  So needless to say, we wanted to keep everything very simple this year for 4th of July.  Were having some friends and family over for a potluck and we've picked up a rotisserie chicken and a few goodies from our farmers market. 
As we were getting things together this morning, I started remembering all these things I have hiding around the house that I could pull out real quick to do a little decorating!
(Excuse the low quality photos, the batteries in my camera died, so I took these with my phone!)

I pulled out an awesome 4 tiered serving set that Curtis and I snagged of Craigslist for $15 for our wedding!
I also love how my fun Ikea dandelion chandelier looks just like a big firework!
I didn't even plan that!

We picked up some yummy treats from the store, and our wonderful next door neighbor made us a fresh loaf of banana bread.  She's such a doll!  We also got these delicious strawberries from one of the local Farmers Markets Curtis and I work at.  They are currently marinating in sugar!  Yum!

Did a little decorating on my toes and pulled out these little cup cake wrappers and made some patriotic streamers with a little bit of twine this morning.  Aren't they cute and cheap to boot!

My husband and I were just going to set up a simple folding table in our entry way for all the potluck food.... but then I remembered I had a red and a star patterned table cloth tucked away in one of our linen bins!  I yanked those puppies out!  I pulled the star in from our outside patio.  The cute picnic basket and apple box I use as a display for my "Little Road" shop at the farmers market.  We picked up a few cheep flowers at the market and stuffed them in the middle, and put some drinking cups on on one side.  The sparklers we had left over from our wedding, and I put them in a vintage blue mason jar with a patriotic imprint on the front.  I've been collecting old mason jars forever so I just had this hanging around the house.  We also use mason jars for all our drinking glasses.  A few more mason jars to hold utensils, and there ya go!  4th of July decorations for only a few pennies!
Sometimes if you use your imagination, you can do a whole lot with what you've already got!

We always keep a few Costco packs of drinking glasses, paper plates and plastic utensils on hand for whenever we have events.  It saves a lot of time and energy in the long run!

Curtis and I pick up fresh peanuts at the Farmers Market every week.  (Alvarez Farms makes the best!)
I bought a bunch of these cute popcorn bags a while back when I was at the craft store.... I figured they would come in handy some day!

My Aunt is also a family junker and I found this great mason jar in one of her antique stalls at Auntie Mable's Country Store in Paradise California.

My husband LOVES Rainer cherries!  He waits all year for them and they just started showing up at our Farmers Market.  PS. I love my Le Creuset batter bowl!  I thought the cherries looked so pretty in it.

And a few more mason jars just for the fun of it!
I hope all of you are having a wonderful day playing outside, eating and watching fireworks!
What kind of plans do yall have for today?!


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