Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I saw this today on Design Sponge and found myself just head over heals.  I am officially smitten and in love with David Stark.  This imaginative ex painter now installs creative and beautiful collections at high end events and parties.  Just check out this amazing birthday luncheon he did in Washington DC.  David took inspiration from fairy tale books and decorated accordingly.   Oh my, the moss, the sea creatures, the torn out pages.... my little heart pitters at just the thought of having him decorate one of my parties.  lol

*All the wild horses*

*The Castle On The Top Of The Hill*

*The Princess And The Pea and the Golden Egg*

*Pirates Of The Caribbean and The Frog Prince*

*The world is your oyster*

*Such a heart felt message to tie it all together.*

If you would like to read about David Stark you can find him HERE



Terry said...
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Terry said...

Oh, I LOVE all these decorations that David has done! What an amazing talent!