Sunday, June 19, 2011


I'm sure there are many wonderful Dads in this world. Though, I have to say, my Dad takes the cake. Even if one were to try, there is not another single one like him.
Through the years my dad has taught me;

To live every day as a new adventure.

And to always make the most out of what little I've got.

To always share with others less fortunate.

To hold on tight to the ones you love and always ENJOY THE RIDE!

He taught me to always work hard and really enjoy the work I do.

He taught me to give people hell whenever possible!

And to take a snooze whenever there is a chance.

He taught me to find love in music!

He taught me that even in the worst of times, there is always something worth smiling about.

He taught me that the future should always include and have room for the ones you love.

He taught me that the best me is just........ plain ole me.

My Dad taught me that there will always be chalenges along the way.....

But that he's always got me.

The older and bigger I get, he always remains bigger than me.  I look up and admire him in every way possible.  I love my dad as I love the stars.  He is a happy twinkling inside my heart.



Terry said...

lOVE this tribute to your dad! He loves you soooo much, and you will always be his little girl.

coanhart said...

OH MY! That is so beautiful and adorable, and probably made HIM cry too! Liesl, you are blessed indeed, and your parents did an awesome job of making sure you know it. I'm sure they are both so very proud of you!