Monday, April 16, 2012


Sometimes it just takes one day of adventure to spark a little flame inside you.  It doesn't take much money, just a few snacks and a full tank of gas.
This weekend was full of two fun little adventures for my husband, friends and I!
I have to admit, today I feel energized, creative and raring to go!
Its amazing what a little break from the everyday humdrum can do to a girl.
Check out our photos from our two days of Rubber Tramping through La Conner Washington's annual Tulip Festival, and a day trip adventure through the tiny towns along the North Kitsap Washington Peninsula.
This last Friday I picked up my little friend Liam.  I was Liam's nanny since he was 6 months old till 2 1/2.  He's 3 now, and such a big boy!!  I knew he would love to see La Conner's Tulip Festival.  We met up with some very good friends and headed up north for some tip toeing through the tulips!
It was pretty windy, but the sun was shining and we had a great day!  It was so pretty to see just rows and rows and rows of multi colored flowers.  I definitely recommend checking it out!  It's worth the destination!
Saturday my husband and I decided to take a day trip to the Northern Kitsap Peninsula.  For those of you who don't know, even through most of the state of Washington rains 9 months of the year, the Northern Kitsap Peninsula actually gets less rain and more sun than Los Angeles.  Its also filled with quaint little small Scandinavian towns like Poulsbo, and tiny beach towns with old general stores and fancy town halls, like Port Gamble.
Poulsbo Washington has great little Scandinavian gift shops along their pier.  Great for walking around, chatting with locals, and spending a few dollars on hand made crafts and jewelery.
We found this great little Mexican restaurant down a fun narrow alley way.
Sulys! A great little bake shop with Scandinavian treats to delight any age.

Port gamble is a tiny little town with an old colonial feel.  Great little downtown by the sea, with a fantastic general store, that sells tons of chotchkees, gifts, ice cream, a candy emporium, its own little coffee and sandwich shop, and a museum of local sea life on the top floor. 

A few other great places to check out in Port Gamble is the local Post Office with its magnificent architecture, also part of the same building, is the local theater, with old bench pews for seating.  Another great sight is the Buena Vista Cemetery, one of the oldest in Washington State.
Just a stones throw from Port Gamble, is another small town called Hansville.  Though there is not much to do in this town except dream of owning a little bungalow here by the sea, there is a really beautiful light house out on Point No Point.
You can actually rent out this light house during certain times of the year as a vacation rental.  You're in charge of turning the light on at night and everything.   You can find locals on the beach just past the light house skimming the beach for sea glass, and building forts out of drift wood.
Another short distance from here is Suqualimy, where you can visit there town cemetery and pay your regards to Chief Seattle himself.  Another one of Washington's oldest cemeteries, but still in use.  You can find the remains of many original native Indians, as well as ancestors of Chief Seattle. Many pay their respect by leaving a trinket rock, pinecone, dream catcher or Indian flute on the graves.

After a day of tramping through the Kitsap Peninsula, you can catch a cheep ferry ride back to Seattle.

A perfect way to end a trip.  Feels good to spark up the old spirit.

"Beep Beep" from The Little Road!

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