Friday, March 23, 2012


We used to have this pretty little tree just outside our door, down the path.
Every spring it would sprout dainty little pink flowers.  It was a wonderful tree.  A few years back, one of the tenants here put 2 little bird houses up in the tree. I have no idea who made them, but they are very sweet, and they were so cute up in that tree.
Well, I recently took a trip to California, and when I came home my tree was gone!!!
I guess it had died this winter.  I never noticed.
The other day I noticed the two little bird houses just laying on the ground under a bush.
I had to rescue them!

(Sorry, that isn't the best picture of them)
They are so cute though.  Cute little primitive wood with an old wire hanger to hang it.  They don't look that great, but they are adorable! They just need a little work.

They just needed a coat of paint and some love!  Don't we all?

I sided on a dark charcoal paint and I had some fun with some moss ribbon and lots of hot glue!
I think it would be so cute if I could find a little metal star to put above the opening.

I just love that rusty hanger top!
I'm going to keep one of these for myself, and put the other one in my shop, so someone else can give it a proper home in a new tree.

"BEEP BEEP" from The Little Road!

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