Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter Walks On The Beach.

It is starting to get chilly up here in the Pacific Northwest.
But in all honesty, this is one of my favorite seasons here in Washington.
The fall rain stops, the skies are as clear as glass and wind is chill.
Everyone starts putting up their Christmas decorations and the Christmas ships start floating through our harbor, just outside our door.  I love it.
Yesterday I decided to take a leisurely walk on our beach here at Casa Del Playa.
I'm always looking for treasure, and I can frequently find something interesting that has floated in from the Puget Sound.
Here are yesterdays finds.

An old washed up wooden boat.  It would be so fun to haul this back to my apartment and put it the plant bed just on the other side of our deck.  Though it would probably raise a few complaints with the neighbors.  The downside of not having a house!  This beauty has already been betrothed to the Seattle Dead Old Wooden Boat Society.

Between some rocks I found this gorgeous array of colors. I love the bits of bright purple crab shells.

I found an island of vibrant orange seaweed.

And I brought these beauties home with me.  First closed oyster shell I've ever found.

Every time of year is a good time to go outside and find natures treasures.  Whether its chestnuts just fallen from the trees at Volunteer Park, or oysters at the bay. 

"Beep Beep" from The Little Road!