Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hi everyone!
I know I've been neglecting this blog.
But, ya know what, I'm just going to get right back to it.  We're all only human right?

I showed you guys a little while back our project of moving our pantry into an open shelving unit we built in our dinning room.  Well, the project continues!  We've just transformed the old pantry into a walk in closet. (I will post pictures soon!) It's been working really well! Still struggling to fit all our stuff into it though!
And now were on to converting the old bedroom closet into an office/crafting space!  Whew!
I'm about projected out at this point! 

So now that the majority of our cosmetic house projects are being rapped up, I figured its time to start pulling all my decorative stuff out of storage and start hanging pictures and putting out the chotchkeys and such.  So I started pulling stuff out of hiding and setting them out......Only problem is, and this may sound totally silly...... I just don't feel grounded!  For weeks I've been wracking my brain trying to conceptualize how my home is really going to come together, and I've hit a major stump!  So I started thinking about what makes me, me!

I love most everything shabby and industrial.  I love things that show age and tell a story, but I also love how clean and personal it makes a space feel. Family Pictures, Old pieces of torn down buildings, Relics of history!
I also have an Mcobb side.  I love strange things! From things that make your brain go "What!" to things that give you a little bit of the heeby geebys.   I actually have a huge old poster of Alexander, "the man who knows." floating head hanging in my living room.  (FYI Alexander was a local Seattle magician that was very popular in the 1920's)  And its a really cool poster!

I also have a naturalist side.  I work for a farm, I love being outdoors camping, exploring, combing for treasures.  I hate to fly, I prefer to keep my feet on the ground. That is a big part of who I am.
So, how the hell do I make all these sides of me work together?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So the other day it hit me!
Taxidermy! Biology! Creatures of strange seemingly uncharted territory!..... Usually Asia.  :O)

Think about it for a moment with me!!!

Each item has a story! A history, just like all of my old shabby furniture and architectural pieces!
Though I know it seems on the contrary, being dead and all, in my opinion, taxidermy actually breaths a sense of life into a room! It makes me remember that there is so much beauty in the world we live in!  Free beauty! So not only does it relate to my shabby/industrial side by telling a story, being able to put something in my every day environment that comes from nature relates to my naturalist side.

And without saying it relates to my Mcobb side.  Taxidermy gives a lot of people the Heeby Geebys, but for me, reminds me that life and death are constantly around us.  That there is beauty in all things and in all stages of life and existence, even the dark stages we all go through at one time or another. 

In all actuality, in a way, it also brings me back to my childhood.  I used to catch yellow butterfly's and metallic blue lizards, and keep them in a secret box in my bedroom.  You can imagine my mothers surprise the day she stumbled upon them!

So its time to start combing the beach for sea specimens, and hounding ebay for amazingly cool died bugs and bats!
Also, West Elm has this beautiful Faux taxidermy wall mount head that's above!  It shall be mine!

"Beep Beep!"  From The Little Road!!!

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