Monday, October 17, 2011


I've had a devout love affair with Frida Kahlo for many many years now.
I love her so much as a woman as well as an artist.
She lived a life of countless obstacles and died very young, still she lived a passioned and beautiful life.
Her paintings to me, represent the sweet details of life, the intensity of human perspective, and the mysticism we all feel about our own mortality.
I respect her honesty.

So for today's Music Monday, I wanted to feature a newer song by Florance and The Machine, that I recently found out was inspired by a painting by Frida Kahlo.

"What The Water Gave Me"
A painting that was created shortly after Frida's experience of miscarrying her almost full term baby, and after her husband Diego Rivera's total embarrassment of having his own fresco mural knocked down and destroyed in the RCA building at Rockefeller Square for depicting Communist figures.

The point that this painting inspires todays pop culture proves to me that Art and Music really are a significant part of our cultural and historical heritage.
Each of her paintings has changed the world in some way.
It's amazing what one little person can do,
and we doubt our impact every day.

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